Quality | Dadar Amruttulya


Quality is definitely a cup of tea

We believe that tea preparation is a serious culinary art. We take the same amount of efforts to prepare our amruttulya as an expert chef takes to prepare various delicacies. Since the entire family is involved in this business, each and every person has been given clear-cut responsibilities. From hygiene to the quality of tea powder, the balance of ingredients to the amount of sugar, everything is dealt with precision and perfection. To ensure authenticity, we prepare our own chai masalas. No wonder you experience the same heavenly taste at any franchisee of Dadar Amruttulya.

We have changed the perception of a typical messy tea serving joint to a super hygienic, neat and clean tea point with trained staff especially groomed to offer top class customer service. We are keenly imbibing corporate values in our business practices.

Dadar Amruttulya Quality