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Tea being the most widely consumed drink in the world after water, it was just a matter of time before we pinned the two most distinguished tea styles in Nagpur to a test. Early morning, mid day, evening or nighttime, drinking tea doesn’t have a “right” time per say.

he flavor of this very Indian origin tea is intense to say the least. The colour is a little on the darker side from the added ingredients and you can definitely taste the ginger. Overall, the caffeine content seems to be pretty adequate.

After years of drinking both these kinds of teas and not being biased because I grew up in an Iranian Household, I guess monsoons and winters call for Amrut Tulya tea and the summer calls for the Irani Chai.

Outside your home, there were chiefly two types of tea for the laidback discerning gourmet Nagpurkar to relish – AMRUT TULYA CHAHA at the ubiquitous Amruttulya Tea Shops at every nook and corner of Nagpur, and the peerless IRANI CHAI served by the numerous Irani Restaurants all over Nagpur city and camp like Café Naaz, Lucky, Good Luck, Volga etc. Indeed Amrut tulya Chaha and Irani Chai are an important aspect of the culinary heritage of Nagpur.

Irani Chai is the most rejuvenating beverage I have ever had. They keep the steaming rich tea brew and hot milk in separate containers and mix it in just the right proportion to get the terrific inimitable gulabi Irani Chai.

Drench in a fresh soft bun-maska, place it on your tongue, and close your eyes – aren’t you in seventh heaven? Even a cup of piping hot Irani Tea by itself is sheer bliss.